TalentRecruit Features

Being into recruiting business for a long time, we understand the problems and challenges that are faced by recruitment consulting organizations.
Hence, keeping  into account our own experience and intense industry research, we have introduced TalentRecruit  to helps recruitment consulting firms to make their search process driven, eliminating the duplication of profiles, thereby reducing the ‘turn-around-time’(TAT) and increasing the hit-ratio, ensuring the high productivity and increased in business growth.

Key features:

Resume Parsing allows you to process online resumes by extracting data in an intelligent way from your outlook and local systems . This shall enable to automatically create candidate records that are populated with the details extracted from CVs which have been uploaded to the system.

Eliminates Duplication automatically from your database. It improves the quality and performance of your searches significantly. At the same time, it saves a lot of time for the recruiter!

Allows Remote Access as TalentRecruit is desktop application and is accessible from anywhere.

Builds Solid Recruiting Infrastructure by helping your organization to collate the resume database. TalentRecruit can handle millions of resumes!

Powerful Search Engine by accessing relevant content with greater precision. The ‘candidate search option’ can filter search criteria to help pinpoint relevant candidates for a given mandate.

Track candidates historyand status against various positions at different stages of recruitment process.

Interview Scheduler and Alert TalentRecruit helps you to strengthen  interview scheduling process through its inbuilt interview scheduler and automated reminder features.

Workflow Wizard helps you to automate repetitive tasks and organize your workflow. This wizard manages your content and communication, and saves your time.

User- friendly approach – of TalentRecruit enables you to get started easily and simply navigate the de simple to get started and is easy to navigate all the feature of the software.

Simple to get started and use instantlymakes TalentRecruit a preferred recruitment software : The approach of TalentRecruit is very simple and easy to navigate features making the software very user-friendly.

Data Security is critical and crucial for recruitment operations. The work flow management ensures safety and security of data. The role based accessibility to the application software enables you to manage the security of confidential data in respect to vital business information. It also gives you a provisioning to delegate responsibilities to the team members through “customized” administrative window. Accessibility to the system based on approval by the administrator making TalentRecruit absolutely safe and secure work practice.

Customized e-mail templates enable your team members to promptly exchange information with candidates and hiring managers making the interactions standardized and process – driven.

Tracks the source of the candidate’s profilein the database to facilitate you in understanding the best suited methodology to be adopted in candidates’ profile sourcing. through various sources.(job portals, networking sites, head hunting etc)

Performance Monitoring Systemhelps in analyzing the individual and team performances for a given period , thus, helping the management to take appropriate measures to achieve desired results.

TalentRecruit IM (Instant Messenger) is a platform to enable your team members to interact and share information across locations which helps you to save up on time and communication resources/ expenses/ cost.


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