Independent Board Directors

At Talent Mappers, we specialize in recruiting CEOs and the independent board directors – a task that we take seriously!

Leadership is the single most vital factor contributing to any organizational success. In today’s business environment, maintaining strong governance is no longer an option and identifying, recruiting and developing leaders is an ongoing challenge.

Planning the recruitment of the ‘senior leadership’ comprising of CXO level and directors is most vital to any organization. Hiring qualified and ‘fit talent’ and training them to serve in the new environment requires insight, creativity and skill.  

Talent Mappers meets this challenge with our Executive Search practice. We have dedicated senior consultants who couple their business acumen with experience, to offer world class executive search services.  We also realize the criticality senior mandates, and thus maintain total confidentiality on all the information whether received from the client or from candidates.

After determining a client’s needs, our consultants often team with senior colleagues who bring additional specific market knowledge and expertise critical for that search. It fosters creativity and diverse ideas and access to the information that uncovers excellent candidates.

Among the customized services that we provide is a Management Search Placements, for example, which involves the evaluation of a client’s particular board policies and practices (as per Corporate Governance Clause 49)*. The board’s size, composition, functional balance, and director compensation plan is evaluated and compared with traits of industry peers, particularly in relation to current “best practices.”  This evaluation is followed by a candid assessment of those areas that require attention.

We also believe that a successful placement of candidate is only a beginning. In order to succeed in today’s competitive business environment, companies must aggressively manage their talent to ensure - that the right talent is at the right place and at the right time to be able to contribute effectively. At Talent Mappers, we provide a full complement of leadership consulting services to help clients manage their leadership assets beyond the acquisition of talent through executive search.

Should you be hiring the chief executive, filling public, private or non-profit board vacancies or building a board for a public company spin-off or emerging growth company about to go public, Talent Mappers will deliver the best talent available.


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