Our Concept of E-learning From the training perspective, e-learning entails using some form of technology to deliver training and learning content. Our concept of e-learning involves well-designed modules that allow learners to get fully involved – try out things, participate in simulations and tests like never before, and get more out of learning than ever before.

For some people, e-learning constitutes the conversion of printed material into a format that can be displayed in a browser, perhaps with a series of linked pages, a table of content, and not much interactivity. We call that E-reading, something Talent Mappers includes only as a small portion of its strategy.

Our E-learning concept revolves around creating effective modules comprising:

  1. High levels of interactivities
  2. Vivid simulations and animations
  3. Video, audio, and other multimedia
  4. Integration option with classroom-based learning
  5. Community-based environment, with access to tutors and fellow e-learners
  6. A web-based learning management system (LMS) to track learners’ progress



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