Key Benefits

Advantages to the Organization

    Reduced overall cost:
  • This is one of the influential factors for organizations to advocate for our e-learning services. Our e-learning modules eliminate the costs associated with salaries of classroom trainers, high rentals of training rooms, and cost of learners’ travel and stay.
Reduced Duration of learning:
  • Compared to the time taken to learn a concept through classroom training, our e-learning modules will help your employees arguably consume 40 to 60 percent less time to learn the same concept.
Increased retention and application:
  • Learning through our e-learning modules will increase employees’ knowledge retention and application of the knowledge to their current jobs arguably by 25 percent.
Proof of completion and certification:
  • Using an automated learning management system (LMS), an organization can monitor the proof of completion and certification of our e-learning modules. An organization can track how many people have actually taken a particular e-learning course and how they have been performing.

Advantages to the Learner

Anytime learning:
  • On-demand availability of our e-learning modules will enable learners complete courses conveniently at off-hours or from home or any other time without disturbing normal office or day-to-day work.
Consistent delivery of content:
  • Our e-learning modules are generally asynchronous and self-paced and ensure consistent delivery of content for learners. This helps learners get familiar with the module design and they complete the modules with much ease.
Self-paced learning:
  • Our e-learning modules are learner-controlled and, therefore, allow learners to go through the courses at their own pace. This reduces stress and increases satisfaction for both slow/ quick learners.
Interactive learning:
  • Interactivity is a key component of our e-learning modules. It engages learners, pushing them rather than pulling them through training or learning.
Access to quick reference:
  • Our e-learning modules have job aids in the form of quick reference materials like glossary, short demonstrations etc. Learners have the confidence that refresher or quick reference materials are available anytime and that reduces the burden of responsibility of mastery.


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